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We make your job BEST.


What is important to us

Xemono works with design skill to make every job THE BEST it can be.
For example, Logos. For example, Presentation documents. For example, Web services. For example, meetings. We’ll design a lot of things. For designing a good thing, Xemono values three things: watch, make and try.
Watch it
We look carefully what is related to what you are making. We also look closely at things that may not seem relevant. For example, If you watch some chairs well, you can get to know something. Backrest is not-needful. The number of chair legs is not limited. You know, you can sit on the table. You need only a step when you need to sit somewhere, right? And you found. You got to know that you can say that “this is chair” to stairs. You are ABLE to say it. There is a lot of chairs all around the world. Many people have designed chairs in different shapes and sizes. A closer look reveals the reason for the purpose and form. When a create a new one, It begins from here.
Make it
After it, we think while makeing. We make something and take care of a some things. Designing for not-confusion, Fun to use And not dangerous...
Try it
After made it, We ask to try it to non-production members. Sometime we overthink while making and we’ll be hard to know what’s the better choice. In result, we end up with something that doesn’t make sense. After trying, we can think calmly. "How about this?"we sometimes come up with the idea. We repeat these three steps to create something new. Are they natural? We need to do everything we can to make them the best they can be.



In-house development

Contract working

Beethoven Symphony No.9 seen with 40 cameras (performed by the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra) special site, illustrations, banners and gifts


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University of Tokyo MOOC logo design

We were in charge of designing icons and creating animations in which the icons appear, to be used for publicity and other purposes for the University of Tokyo MOOC.

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Oji Pharma Inc. official web site

Coding website

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MaPRE order-made jewely website

We made MaPRE order-made jewely website. Direction, Design, Coding, and Writing

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Creating a prototype of the application

Prototype application for ATATAKAI Digital, Inc.

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renewal webmedia

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STUDIO On-site website

Neighborhood brother who does everything for you.

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Nico Nico Live Broadcast Thumbnail

We are contracted by Dwango Inc. to create a banner to be used on Nico Nico Live Broadcast.

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Created the official website for the VR game "Little Witch Academia VR: Broom Racing"

We created the official website for the VR game "Little Witch Academia VR: Broom Racing" for TRIGGER's popular anime "Little Witch Academia".

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Website and business card design for soso Inc.

We were contracted by SOSO.software to produce a website and business cards.

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Financial Risk Management System

We were contracted by NS Solutions Corporation to design a new financial risk management system.

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Japan Mobile Game Chronology

We were contracted by the web media "Denfaminico Gamer" to design, implement and produce a template for a website that would serve as a platform for the "History of the Japanese Mobile Game Industry".

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Feminist Badge & T-Shirt

We created two badges and a t-shirt design for feminist merchandise.

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Young Animal ZERO serialized manga "NIRAMEKKO" EXIT collaboration video

We were contracted by Hakusensha to create a video collaboration between the manga "NIRAMEKKO" and the comedy duo EXIT. We created a 15-second video for a multi-faceted expansion to TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

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Creation of a web media platform. We did our best to express the "Touhou Project style," while at the same time providing a highly functional and fast website that is easy to manage.

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株式会社白泉社様から、「不祥事アイドル」のPR動画の作成を請け負いました。 TikTokやマンガPark、YouTubeなどへと多面的に展開できるよう、15秒の動画を作成しました。

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Heisei Game Chronology

We were contracted to create a template for the "Heisei Game Chronology," a project to conclude the Heisei era for the web media "Denfaminico Gamer".

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What we can do

We are handy-men using knowledge of designing. Please ask us anything easily!

Really like to do

  • Almost careful hearing
  • Propose ideas that maximize value within the budget.
  • Even tedious tasks are completed with various ideas. (Occasionally summons a companion.)

We can do

  • Designing
  • Coding(TypeScript, C#, etc...)
  • Write Documents



We make logo, website and more...

Game development

We'll make a game with your idea likes "I want to make like that!".

Assist planning meetings

Organize the conversation and suggest what is missing.

Assist to launch or improve your project

We think new project, or discover where that can be improved like "We can do better!".



President Megumi Torii

I am since 1991. Designer, poem writer. I overcame any challenges, now I am teaching shapes to dance. I tried to make a bot for my someone talk to. (Chisei bot) Entered the University of Tokyo in the first category of science, Faculty of Arts and Letters, Religious Studies, History of Religions Graduated. I kept thinking about ”What is necessary for humans to think safely while avoiding going crazy?” in university. I produced puzzle applications at Maru-lab Corp., where I worked after graduating from college.This game named “Think! Think!” and it was awarded an “Google Play The best applications of 2017 family category award”.I was tasked with devising a design for a puzzle that looked complex, but was easy for children to understand and relate to. I learned how to express myself in writing on the Internet while writing articles of web media”Denfami-nico-gamer” as an editorial assistant at my company. Since then, I have become a freelance UX designer and continue to research designs that you don't want to put label tape on. I launched Xemono Inc. in 2019. Very good personality.






Xemono Corp.

Since :


President :

鳥居 萌 Megumi Torii


[email protected]


twitter: @xemono_design

instagram: @xemonodesign

Contact us

Simokitazawa Studio(Tokyo)

OPEN 14:00 - 22:00

Torii is not there generally on Wednesdays.

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